Ultimate Champion for Life™ Mural (4 ft x 5 ft, on a glass finish)


Get this stunning mural for your wall spaces, board rooms, and foyers!

See The World like never before: BIGGER and BOLDER.

Bring this never-been-seen-before mural to your schools, offices, organizations, and homes.

A novel concept with endless life experiences.  Each symbol is a world of its own.  WOW yourself and your peers with this beautiful display.

How can I use The Champion for Life™ Give mural?

Mural dimensions: 5 feet wide (60″) X 4 feet high (48″) on a beautiful acrylic glass-like finish.  There are holes along the edges for mounting to a wall.

LIMITED TIME PROMO: Price includes FREE shipping anywhere in the world.

Email: info@studentAsim for custom orders or further inquiries.


Price includes shipping & handling.

Educational Discount

There may be an educational discount available. Inquire: info@studentasim.com


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