The Famous 300 Language Poster!

The coolest poster ever

I have this poster!

Poster at the office

Poster turns to 12 ft mural!

300 Languages! A Whole New Way To See the World.

A Beautiful Display on your favourite Wall

A beautiful display for your favourite wall!  Marvel at the way the world really looks like. With 300 languages in one poster, you will wow yourself and your peers with this novel never-been-seen-before poster concept displayed on your favourite wall.


And it's so much more!  Be amazed by how quickly you learn something new.  Use these beautiful languages (and symbols) as entry points to explore the world and yourself.

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    A beautiful display on your favourite wall at home, in the office or classroom.
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    300 languages is a novelty! A new way to see the world.
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    Push the boundaries of your imagination.
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    A social tool.  Witness many moments of learning.
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    Diversity in thought AND culture re-defined.
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    Easy to frame.  Standard dimensions: 3 feet x 2 feet
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    Limited supplies.  Get yours now!

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